Scorpion Vision OEM

Scorpion Vision OEM is a very important suite in the Scorpion Vision Game. We provide OEM products and service ranging from the simplest 2D combined with the low-cost oem camera Scorpion Mono Stinger to the most advanced solutions embedded in a SmartCamera or combined with the Scorpion 3D Stinger Camera.

The Joker is the Scorpion MonoPose3D or single single camera 3D. This extremely powerful function can be embedded in the standard Scorpion Vision Framework or Scorpion VisionX. It can be used to implement the best 3D Robot Vision applications. The hardware platform can be the Jack of Hearts the Scorpion Mono Stinger Camera or a Scorpion SmartCam.

Join our game and we can create your King of Hearts – Scorpion Vision Apps – for Mono Stinger and Smart Camera free of charge

The Ace is the flexible ActiveX package Scorpion VisionX. The VisionX component is available in both 2D and 3D. It can easily be integrated into any Windows Application thats need Image Display, Zooming or hard-core 2D or 3D Image Processing. It is a proven technology and we provide the best application and integration support.

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