Scorpion Vision Apps 2.0

Scorpion Vision Apps define a completely new entry level in Machine Vision designed for Scorpion Vision Integration and Scorpion Vision OEM.

Common features for Scorpion Vision Apps

  • Standard off-the-shelf software
  • Based on Industry Standards and Component Technology
  • VRAT – Vision Rapid Application Tool
    • Powerful Machine Vision without programming
    • Integrated Python Framework
  • Windows Compatible W8, W7, XP and XPe

Good for the Integrator

  • A number of standard Scorpion Vision Apps is available from Tordivel AS
    • Free to use with Framework
  • No development cost
  • Based on the proven Scorpion Vision Software 2D and 3D Framework
  • Access to Open-Source for Image Processing: OpenCV, NumPy and SciPy
  • Extendable with the best component technologies :
    • Scorpion Python Plugins
    • .Net and ActiveX components.

Target Platforms

Standard Vision Apps 
  • Scorpion Align App
  • Scorpion Barcode App
  • Scorpion Locate App
  • Scorpion Color Identification App
  • Scorpion Capture App


The Scorpion Vision Apps License are connected to the camera’s serial number. Thus the app can be moved from PC to PC. The cost is defined per target platform.
The Scorpion Vision Apps are free with Scorpion Vision Framework. You need however to purchase a license to cover the feature set used.

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