Laser Profile Measurement System

The Scorpion Laser Profile Measurement System is a single camera 3D measurement system dedicated to the verification of object geometry and dimensions.

Download Laser Profile Measurement System – 818 kbyte pdf

mdf flipA junction box containing the camera and laser is placed about 60 mm from the object. A 7 mW diode laser with line optics illuminates the object, thus tracing a line corresponding to the cross section of the object. The camera is mounted at an angle to the object in order to minimize sensitivity to lateral movement.

If the object is in motion, the system requires the object to travel at a fixed distance from the sensor during measurement.

System Description

The Scorpion Laser Profile measurement system consists of the following parts:

  • Junction box with camera and laser.
  • Firewire Interface card
  • RealVNC for remote operation
  • Scorpion Vision Software CD and a license key
  • Scorpion Laser Profile Measurement Profile

The system is connected to a Personal Computer with a firewire cable. The system can communicate with external systems using RS232, OPC and TCP/IP by sending start and stop, status and measurement data.

Scorpion Vision Software CD

Scorpion Vision Software is distributed on a CD with the following contents: Scorpion Vision Software, System requirements, Scorpion setup program, Camera drivers, Documentation and Support programs.

Scorpion Laser Profile Measurement profile

The Laser Profile Measurement profile is contained in a zip file for quick support through e-mail and internet.

User Interface

The following information is available in the user interface:

  • Camera image
  • Inspection result with indicator panels
  • Description – Web page that contains a short description of the inspection task
  • History – displays the latest inspection results
  • Curves – give a graphical view of measured values
  • Results – show measured values of the latest inspection
  • Statistics – give a periodical view of the inspection results

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