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We have a complete deck of cards in the Scorpion Vision Deck of Cards

In every suite there are 13 cards plus jokers all designed to fit your needs for performance, speed, robustness, low-cost, accuracy and more. You can mix and match from any suite for an optimal solution to your challenge within the large and demanding field of 2D and 3D Machine Vision.

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Scorpion Locate App

The Scorpion Locate Object App is easy to use. It has a simple operator screen and is easy to configure without machine vision knowledge.
The app can do the following:
  • Detect 2D position of an object
    • The object can be darker or lighter than the background
    • The image processing handles illumination variations
  • Calculate Area
    • Use object to filtered out odd sized objects
  • Define coordinate system
  • Configurable IO with RS-232 and TCP/IP.


Target platforms:

Application Areas for System Integrators and OEMs
  • Object Alignment in a Production Line
  • 2D  Robot Vision
  • Positional Feedback in a Servo System
  • more

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Scorpion Basic Align App

The Scorpion Object Align App is easy to use. It has a simple operator screen and is easy to configure without machine vision knowledge.
The app can do the following:
  • Locate a corner of an object
    • The corners are located using to robust linefinders
    • The ROI of the linefinders are user defined
  • Calculates the reference
    • The reference is defined by the translation and rotation of the object
    • The position (x,y) and the rotation angle is estimated
  • User define coordinate system
  • Configurable IO with RS-232 and TCP/IP.

Scorpion App Basic Align

Target platforms:

Application Areas for System Integrators and OEMs
  • Object Alignment in a Production Line
  • 2D  Robot Vision
  • Positional Feedback in a Servo System
  • more

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Scorpion Barcode App

The Scorpion Barcode App is easy to use. It has a simple operator screen and is easy to configure without machine vision knowledge.
The app can do the following:
  • Read 1D barcode
  • Define Region of Interest to increase speed
  • Configurable IO with RS-232 and TCP/IP.

Scorpion Barcode App

Target platforms:

Application Areas for System Integrators and OEMs
  • Identification Systems
  • Barcode Reading on Newspaper and Books

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Scorpion Vision Apps

Scorpion Vision Apps define a completely new entry level in Machine Vision designed for Scorpion Vision Integration and Scorpion Vision OEM.

Common features for Scorpion Vision Apps

  • Standard off-the-shelf software
  • Based on Industry Standards and Component Technology
  • VRAT – Vision Rapid Application Tool
    • Powerful Machine Vision without programming
    • Integrated Python Framework
  • Windows Compatible W7, XP and XPe
  • Runs only a selected target hardware

Good for the Integrator

  • A number of standard Scorpion Vision Apps is available from Tordivel AS
    • Free to use with Framework
  • No development cost
  • Based on the proven Scorpion Vision Software 2D and 3D Framework
  • Access to Open-Source for Image Processing: OpenCV, NumPy and SciPy
  • Extendable with the best component technologies :
    • Scorpion Python Plugins
    • .Net and ActiveX components.

Target Platforms

Data Sheet
  • Scorpion Basic Align Vision App for Mono Stinger – pdf
  • Scorpion Barcode Vision App for Mono Stinger – pdf
  • Scorpion Locate Object Vision App for Mono Stinger – pdf


The Scorpion Vision Apps License are connected to the camera’s serial number. Thus the app can be moved from PC to PC. The cost is defined per target platform.
The Scorpion Vision Apps are free with Scorpion Vision Framework. You need however to purchase a license to cover the feature set used.

Scorpion Basic™

The Scorpion Basic™ combined with a SmartCam gives you a compact and cost-effective solution. Ideal for high precision gauging and 2D and 3D Robot Vision.

Scorpion Basic™ is a cost-effective, proven, robust and complete configurable multicamera 2D and 3D machine vision system. Scorpion Basic™ is a product in the Scorpion Vision Software® family; an independent and open software tool for industrial vision. The unique rapid machine vision framework speeds up the development a factor of 10 compared to a standard library approach.

2D and 3D Assembly Verification

Scorpion Basic™ is used in 2D and 3D assembly verification. The combination of multiple cameras, color processing, unique reference systems, high accuracy and 3D makes it well suited for the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Object and Color Identification

It is easy to make identification systems with Scorpion Basic™. The powerful toolbox consists of a collection of tools:
Blob4 with it’s unique feature classification, TemplateFinder3 with multiple templates and subpixel accuracy and ColorMatcher can be the basis for simple and advanced identification systems.

Robot Vision and Robot Inspection

The software is widely used for Robot Vision and Robot Inspection. It is designed for OEMs and System Integrators. A proven 2D toolbox is the starting point. Depending on the requirements, capabilities and features are added e.g. Singlecamera 3D with MonoPose3D™ or 3D laser triangulation.

Advanced 2D and 3D calibration

Scorpion Basic™ offers fundamental performance gain and cost saving with sub-pixel measurement algorithms.
The software can produce more accurate and robust systems with a web camera resolution 640×480 and a plastic lens than software using a 4 mega-pixel solution with high quality lens and pixel-based algorithms. 3D camera calibration adds the capability of working in the right 2D plane.

Free access to Open-Source and OpenCV

The Scorpion Vision framework contains the most powerful Python scripting engine. We have provided easy to use access to Intel’s free machine vision library OpenCV 2.1. Python also gives access to NumPy and to the .Net framework. With these features almost everything can be added to Scorpion for free – like custom GUI, database access and reporting functions.

Multiple visions systems on one computer

With Scorpion Watchdog is it easy to run multiple systems on a single computer. This is a simple way to exploit the power of multicore CPUs. The multicore option can speed up a single application by a factor of 3 on a quad-core processor.

Scorpion Basic™ in a SmartCam

The Scorpion Basic™ version supports the Windows XPe operating system and SmartCameras from Sony.  These cameras are well suited for 2D and 3D Robot Vision.

Camera support

The open Scorpion Vision Software architecture allows connections to high resolution firewire cameras, GigE cameras, low cost USB cameras, cameralink linescan, 3D cameras and more.

The camera support includes advanced features like dynamic shutter, encoder control and hw-triggering. Only limited by the PC capacity, any number of cameras can be connected and controlled from one Scorpion application.

More information:

Scorpion 2D and 3D Robot Vision

2D and 3D Robot vision is one of Scorpion’s focus areas. Scorpion gives the robot the ability to see.
Flexible automation means robots, automation and vision working together. This reduces cost and increases the flexibility and possibility to produce several product variants in one production line at the same time – 24 hours a day – with profits. The vision system’s ability to locate and identify objects are critical elements in making these systems.
Scorpion Vision Software has been used in robot vision and inspection systems for many years. Scorpion has a complete toolbox of robust and reliable 2D and 3D image processing tools needed for robot
vision, gauging and assembly verification. Included is high accuracy and subpixel object location with 3DMaMa and PolygonMatch™ technology making it a perfect companion to World Class Image
Flexible and easy interfacing to standard robots
With Scorpion Vision software it is easy to implement reliable communication with robots from any vendor.
Scorpion is used with robots from ABB, Motoman, Kuka, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Sony and Rexroth Bosch over serial and tcp/ip ports.

PolygonMatch locates any object with sub-pixel resolution

The PolygonMatch Technology locates any object based on multiple user defined polygons robustly with sub-pixel accuracy. TemplateFinder3 is a high performance cross-correlation based pattern matcher powered by PolygonMatch technology handling rotation, perspective and scaling.

Easy to use four to six point 2D Robot Calibration

Scorpion uses a standard four point calibration to enable the system always to work in robot coordinates. Multiple coordinates systems are supported. With five or six points you can evaluate the accuarcy of the calibration.

Combining Nth order lens calibration to improve accuracy

Combining four point calibration with 5th or 6th order lens calibration improves the precision to a sub-pixel level even with a wide angle lens. To the right a typical lens calibration is shown. This feature is important for 3D Stereo Vision systems because the 3D accuracy is directly proportional with 2D resolution. True sub-pixel will increase the height resolution by a factor of 10!

3D camera calibration

Scorpion uses a simple two step 3D camera calibration. This removes the need for multiple 2D calibrations. When finding objects at different heights, the 2D coordinate systems are dynamically generated. This is often was make 3D Stereo Vision a viable solution with Scorpion Vision.  Scorpion 8 supports easy to use chessboard calibration.

Firewire or GigE imaging ensures superior image quality

Using the high quality firewire or GigE cameras – the image quality is ensured even when mounting the camera on the robot. The cameras is available in two versions: monochrome and colour both supported by Scorpion Vision. With analog signal transmission, it can be difficult to shield the cable to ensure image quality. Cable lengths up to 100 meters is supported with standard GigE components. We recommend using flexlink cables when mounting the camera on a robot.  In complex applications where two or more cameras are needed, these can easily be added at low cost. Both vga, sxga and higher resolution cameras are supported when high resolution and high quality is required.

Wireless 3D robot vision with Network Cameras

Combining Sony or IqEye Networks cameras and Scorpion Vision Software users can make wireless robot vision systems. Scorpion can run multiple 3D robot vision systems on one computer.

PolygonMatch™ locates any object with sub-pixel resolution

Using the unique PolygonMatch™ edge tool Scorpion locates any object based on multiple user defined polygons.

TemplateFinder3 powered with PolygonMatch™ technology locates multiple objects

TemplateFinder3 locates multiple objects with sub-pixel accuracy. It can handle scaling, translation rotation and perspective. Supporting multiple named templates it can easily be configured to handle automatic product changes. With the interactive Polygon Model Wizard optimal models describing an object ensures robust and accurate object location

Scorpion Vision is used for 3D Stereo Vision based Bin Picking

More information: 3D Robot Vision based on Stereo Vision

Scorpion Watchdog – Resuscitator

Scorpion WatchdogScorpion Watchdog – Resuscitator  keeps your applications alive and increases the availability of your servers, thus saving you time and money.

Scorpion Watchdog – Resuscitator  is a collection of applications and components designed to help the user with flexible application management on standalone Windows  computers.

Have you ever felt uncertain of the status of your applications? Resuscitator guarantees that your services are available 24 hours a day. The program watch feature restarts any application in 5 seconds. You can restart your computer over the Internet using the Remote Client program. In fact you can interactively restart any controlled application from your desktop with this feature!

The built in Program Scheduler runs e.g. automatically scheduled backup every morning at five or restarts your computers/servers every week. Thus increasing the system availability to levels you did not believe possible.

Managing startup and shutdown sequences can be tricky on windows computers – Resuscitator does this for you strict and controlled. By inspecting the built-in event-log with detailed information, Resuscitator helps you understand what is happening on your servers/computers.

If working in a multiple screen setup, Resuscitator can keep an application in a fixed position on screen thus improving the overview. This is just a few examples of the Resuscitator  flexibility. Because Resuscitator is a configurable tool – it can do anything you tell it to do!

As shell replacement

On a standalone computer it is very handy to use Resuscitator  as a Shell or Startup Group replacement.

Read more Scorpion Online Help

3D Modeller

High precision 3D modelling using structured light makes 3D measurement, 3D robot vision, random bin picking and 3D assembly verification feasible for everyone.

Auto3D Flens_3D3D geometrical models are today important tools in product design, development and production. High competence and effective utilization of such tools can back up a continuation of production in countries with high cost of living.

A condition for the industry to develop the use of such tools is that methods exists to effectively measure and control the product’s actual geometry.

Traditionally mechanical measuring apparatus are used to read off object’s geometry. These are however too slow and unsuited for automatic measurements in a production line.

The Scorpion 3D Modeller makes 3D technology available and applicable also for the smaller companies. A flexible 3D camera based on structured light is used, low cost components as well as concepts and accompanying tools to specify and automatically process and extract requested geometrical measures.

The aim of this system is specifically random bin picking and three dimensional measurements. We target 100% product quality control and increased production volume.

The technology fills the gap between expensive and complex DAK systems and flexible 2D machine vision systems. This is obtained by making the utilization of 3D measurements possible for direct production line inspection and for use in product development.

3D measurements are performed on an automotive V-stay in the image above. Two cylinder fits are used to establish a high precision reference of the part.

3D Scanner

With our 3D Scanner we can create accurate 3D models of your products.

Wafer blockThe 3D Scanner is based on multiple Laser Triangulation Profiles working in a common 3D coordinate system with the highest accuracy. A scan is fast and creates models with a resolution down to 0.01 mm. Combining Scorpion, Firewire Cameras, Lasiris Lasers with Sony Desktop Robots and Toshiba Machine’s Cartesian Robots objects up to 1000 x 1000 x 500 mm can be measured. To the right an animation of the 3D model creation is shown.

The concept creates unique opportunities in 3D measurement and OEM applications.